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Auto Restart

Auto Restart

Globals / Auto Restart

Anti Block System

The Anti Block System restarts Roxen in case it locks up. It should not be necessary and is not enabled per default. But in case of an instable installation it can ensure that the server does not need manual intervention to be restarted.

Auto Restart


The auto restart system restarts Roxen once every nth day. Since Roxen is a very long lived process it is possible that the server grabs too much memory or other resources after having been up too long. The auto restart system makes it possible to ensure that this does not become a problem by periodically restarting the system.

To activate restart interval choose yes at "Enable Automatic Restart" and click save. Choose restart interval in the calender and click save again.

The auto restart system should not be needed and is not enabled per default. But it is there as a precaution.