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This part of the documentation is intended for anyone who creates and publishes web pages using a Roxen WebServer. It describes the functionality Roxen WebServer provides that can be used to automate and ease the creation of both advanced static content as well as dynamic Internet applications.

Most of Roxen WebServer's functions are available as RXML tags, easily learned by anyone who knows HTML, XHTML or XML. A basic introduction is provided but the reader is encouraged to obtain more knowledge from other sources, should this information be new.

The manual is structured into four different parts. First is the introductory part, which you have just entered, that outlines different technologies and concepts important for creating websites with Roxen products. After the general introductions follows a closer look at Roxen specific technologies with the main focus on RXML, including the uses of RXML and the syntax and semantics of the RXML language. The third part of the manual is a reference part which lists and describes all user tags. The list is grouped by the different tags general application so that it should be easy to find a tag in a solution-centric approach. Several reference chapters starts out with a closer look at some common properties of the tags in the group. The last chapter is an alphabetical list of all user tags.

The Manual Source

The reference documentation found in this manual is directly derived from the documentation in the source code of Roxen WebServer and its modules. The purpose of this approach is to get the documentation as close to the actual implementation so that is should be as easy as possible to keep it up to date. The big benefit of having the documentation in the source code is possibility to online documentation within the product. All tag documentation found in this manual is available through the <help> tag as well as the documentation tab in the administration interface.

If you want to know more about a tag when you are developing a web page, simply add the <help> tag to a page and view it to see the latest documentation for that tag. Note that the module in which the tag is defined must be loaded into the server in order for this feature to work. The online documentation feature is however not restricted to only modules originating from Roxen Internet Software. Any third party or locally developed modules containing a compatible documentation may be viewed by the online documentation feature.