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Administration Interface

Administration interface

Configuration and maintenance of Roxen is handled by the web-based administration interface. The administrators connects to the interface with a browser and can then access all server-related configuration options and maintenance tasks. You can set up multiple administration interface users with varying privilege levels and their own preferred look and feel to the interface.

Tab Overview

The administration interface is split into seven tabs, all covering a specific subset of server administration or information features. A tab will remember what subpage you visited the last time you accessed it, and recall this page the next time you switch back to that tab.


The intro screen you arrive at when accessing the initial page of the admin interface - a page where you may choose to receive regular updates of the status of Roxen bugtracking tickets, the most recent articles written for Roxen Community, a brief run-down of the server's status or news from


The Admin tab contains settings for the administration interface itself.


The Sites tab contains the configurations of the web and ftp sites handled by the Roxen server. Most of the administration work is controlled from here - creating sites, adding or dropping modules to them or configuring their operating parameters.


The Globals tab contains settings and information relevant to the whole Roxen server, such as where to find modules or which UID to run under. The global event log resides here; a web based version of the debug log. All error messages will show up here, as well as in the local event logs of the site and module instance that produced them. You'll also find a summary view of all ports that are open for all sites handled by the server.


The Tasks tab contains support wizards that are not related to configuring the server but some other task, such as restarting the server, flushing memory caches, creating SSL certificates or getting debug information.


This is where you register, browse and peek at the databases and tables in or related to your Roxen installation - you may access any database from here, not just the internal MySQL one. This browser both has a click-to-peek interface, and the more powerful SQL prompt for digging out any and all data you have access to. You may even look at images stored in, for instance, the gtext_data table of the local database.


The Docs tab contains the online documentation. The latest version of the documentation for Roxen WebServer, the free part of CMS Advanced, can be found at

Administration Interface Site

The administration interface is in fact a site just like any other web site handled by Roxen. It is implemented using RXML and a few custom modules - but since it is the average administrator's only way of handling the server, it is by default locked, so that you can not remove, add or alter its operating parameters, apart from what URLs it should reside on.

The administration interface site should use https, to get a secure connection. It is however necessary to create a new certificate to make this secure, since it will use the demo certificate shipped with Roxen by default. Since anyone who downloads Roxen can get that certificate, it is not secure.