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Options for configure
Options for ./start

Options for ./start


Display version information.


Show help text.


Depending on configuration, Roxen may attempt to dump compiled pseudocode binaries of Pike files to avoid having to recompile them next time Roxen restarts. This option removes such files, making sure Roxen recompiles all files from the source code. This should not be necessary in normal operation, but may be useful when developing or debugging Roxen modules.

--verbose (short form: -v)

Give more diagnostics and progress information than usual.

--quiet (short form: -q)

Give less diagnostics and progress information than usual.


Disables DNS lookups and some other code that requires a net connection (most content boxes in the admin interface, for instance). In --offline mode, you can only bind ports to IP addresses (e g or "*", unless your system has non-DNS means of resolving hostnames to IP addresses. On a unix system, this could be achieved by adding required host names to /etc/hosts.


Put log files in given directory. The default is '../logs'.


Look for configuration files in the given directory. The default is '../configuration'.

--with-threads or --without-threads

Whether to use threads (i.e. run several request handler threads in parallell) or not. The default depends on operating system.


Only run Roxen once, and send the debug log to standard output. This is primarily useful for semi-interactive debugging, and means Roxen will not restart automatically when the process ends (even if it ends because the 'Restart' action was requested from the configuration interface).

This argument also implies --module-debug.

--with-keep-alive or --without-keep-alive

Whether to enable keep-alive request handling in the HTTP protocol. The current default is to enable keep-alive.

--with-debug or --without-debug

Whether to enable extra debug information or not.

Some further arguments can be given, which will not directly affect Roxen but rather be passed to the Pike binary that will run Roxen. This is mainly useful for enabling various forms of extra debugging.


Define the specified symbol for the Pike preprocessor, as if it had been defined as '#define symbol' in all Pike source files.


Set the Pike module path, i.e. the directory where Pike will look for Pike modules. (Do not confuse this with the path where Roxen looks for Roxen modules written in Pike. That path is configured through the configuration interface.)


Set the Pike include path, i.e. the directory where Pike will look for files when doing #include.


Set the path to the Pike binary.

More options are available, but they are mainly useful for developers and for debugging purposes. Do './start --help' for a complete (but more terse) list of options for the start script.