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<emit values>

<emit source="values"></emit>

Provided by module: Tags: RXML 2 tags

Splits the string provided in the values attribute and outputs the parts in a loop. The value in the values attribute may also be an array or mapping.


values="string, mapping or array"

An array, mapping or a string to be splitted into an array. This attribute is required unless the variable attribute is used.


Name of a variable from which the values are taken.


The string the values string is splitted with. Supplying an empty string results in the string being split between every single character.

advanced="{lines, words, chars}"

If the input is a string it can be splitted into separate lines, words or characters by using this attribute.

case="{upper, lower}"

Changes the case of the value.


Trims away all leading and trailing white space charachters from the values.


Create a mapping out of a scope and give it as indata to the emit.

&_.index;(provided by Tags: RXML 2 tags)

The index of this mapping entry, if input was a mapping

&_.value;(provided by Tags: RXML 2 tags)

The value of one part of the splitted string