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Module Types
File Systems


In order to add a module to a virtual server press the Sites tab and then focus on the name of the site. As soon as you have done this you will see the Add module button at the bottom of the page. Pressing the Add module button will display a list of module categories. In each category is a list of available modules. Below each module header is a brief explanation of the module.

Some modules require other modules to work. When installing such a module the modules it requires will also be installed. It will not be possible to delete the supporting modules without first deleting the module that requires them.

Configuring the Module Path

Roxen searches for modules in the directories configured in the Module directories variable. It doesn't matter where you store your modules as long as the path to their directory is configured in this variable.

On the page for each module you can see where that particular module resides.

Upgrading a Module

To upgrade a module you must first replace the files for the old version with the files for the new version. Then you focus on the module and press the Reload Module button. If there are any problems with compiling the new version they will show up here. If so, you can always move the files for the old version back and no harm will be done.

Compilation Errors

If a module gets a compilation error this will be entered into the Event Log and the debug log.