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Notation example


Provided by module: TagDoc Notation exemplifier

This is how the tag documentation looks like. This tag has been flagged as a container tag, i.e. you can put content into it like this: <example-tag>content</example-tag>. A tag may also be tagged as a tag-only tag, i.e. you may only write it as <example-tag/>.



This is the documentation of the 'age' attribute to the <example-tag>. In this case the attribute accepts a number, e.g. <example-tag age='42'></example-tag>. This attribute is required. If it doesn't exists in the tag you will get an RXML parse error.

sort="{up, down}"(up)

This is the documentation of the 'sort' attribute. The sort attribute may have either the value 'up' or the value 'down'. If the attribute is omitted, the tag will assume the value 'up'.

&_.ent;(provided by TagDoc Notation exemplifier)

This entity is an internal entity of the <example-tag> and only available inside it, just like <internal>.


Provided by module: TagDoc Notation exemplifier

This is an internal tag to <example-tag>, which means that it is only available inside the <example-tag>. Below is an example of how tag usage examples looks like. These may be a single box just showing how to write the tag or it could be a double box showing both the code and the result.