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    This module adds a new tag, <pike></pike>. It makes it possible to insert some pike code directly in the document. NOTE: Enabling this module is the same thing as letting your users run programs with the same right as the server! Example: <pike> return "Hello world!\n"; </pike> Arguments: Any, all arguments are passed to the script in the mapping args. There are also a few helper functions available, output(string fmt, mixed ... args) is a fast way to add new data to a dynamic buffer, flush() returns the contents of the buffer as a string. A flush() is done automatically if the script does not return any data, thus, another way to write the hello world script is <pike>output("Hello %s ", "World");</pike> The request id is available as id.


    Error messages
    How to report errors (e.g. backtraces generated by the Pike code): Off - Silent. Log - System debug log. HTML comment - Include in the generated page as an HTML comment. HTML text - Include in the generated page as normal text.
    Program cache limit
    Maximum size of the cache for compiled programs.