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2000 Roxen Internet Software
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  • User file system

    A file system that gives access to files in the users' home directories. The users and home directories are found through the current authentication module. The files from the home directories are mounted either in the virtual file system of the site or as sites of their own. So on one server the user Anne's files might be mounted on while another server might give Anne a web site of her own at


    Banish list
    This is a list of users who's home directories will not be mounted.
    Look in users homedir
    If set, the module will look for the files in the user's home directory, according to the Public directory variable. Otherwise the files are fetched from a directory with the same name as the user in the directory configured in the Search path variable.
    Password users only
    Mount only home directories for users who has valid passwords.
    Only owned files
    If set, only files actually owned by the user will be sent from her home directory. This prohibits users from making confidental files available by symlinking to them. On the other hand it also makes it harder for user to cooperate on projects.
    Public directory
    This is the directory in the home directory of the users which contains the files that will be shown on the web. If the module is mounted on /home/, the file /home/anne/test.html is accessed and the home direcory of Anne is /export/users/anne/ the module will fetch the file /export/users/anne/<Public dir>/test.html.
    Enable userlisting
    If set a listing of all users will be shown when you access the mount point.
    Run user scripts as the owner of the script
    If set, users' CGI and Pike scripts will be run as the user whos home directory the file was found in. This only works if the server was started as root.
    Virtual user hosting
    If set, each user will get her own site. You access the user's with http://<user><mountpoint> instead of<mountpoint><user>. This means that you normally set the mount point to '/'. You need to set up CNAME entries in DNS for all users, or a regexp CNAME that matches all users, to get this to work.