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2000 Roxen Internet Software
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  • Secure file system

    This is a file system module that allows for more fine-grained control over the Roxen's built-in module security. Instead of just having security pattern for the whole module it is possible to create several patterns. Glob patterns are used to decide which parts of the file system each pattern affects. The module also supports form based authentication. The same type of access control can be achived, in a different way, by using the .htaccess support module.


    Form authentication page.
    Should contain an form with input fields named httpuser and httppass. The string $File will be replaced with the URL to the current page being accessed and $Me with the URL to the site.
    Authentication expire time
    New authentication will be required if no page has been requested within this time, in seconds.
    Use form authentication
    If set it will produce a page containing a login form instead of sending a HTTP authentication needed header.
    Security patterns
    This is the security pattern list, which follows the formatfiles: security patternEach security pattern can be any from this list:allow ip=patterndeny ip=patternallow user=user name,...Files are a glob pattern matching the files of the file system that will be affected by the security pattern. '*' will match one or more characters, '?' will match one character.