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  • File system

    This is the basic file system module that makes it possible to mount a directory structure on the virtual file system of your site.


    Show hidden files
    If set, hidden files, ie files that begin with a '.', will be shown in directory listings.
    Access file as the logged in user
    If set, the module will access files as the authenticated user. This assumes that a authentication module which imports the users from the operating systems, such as the User database module is used. This option is very useful for named FTP sites, but it will have severe performance impacts since all threads will be locked for each access.
    File contents charset
    The charset of the contents of the files on this file system. This variable makes it possible for Roxen to use any text file, no matter what charset it is written in. If necessary, Roxen will convert to Unicode before processing the file.
    Require authentication for modification
    Only allow users authenticated by a authentication module to use methods that can modify the files, such as PUT or DELETE. If this is not set the file system will be a very public one since anyone will be able to edit files.
    Handle the DELETE method
    If set, it will be possible to delete files with the HTTP method DELETE, or through FTP.
    Enable directory listings per default
    If set, it will be possible to get a directory listings from directories in this file system. It is possible to force a directory to never be browsable by putting a .www_not_browsable or a .nodiraccess file in it. Similarly it is possible to let a directory be browsable, even if the file system is not, by putting a .www_browsable file in it.
    Internal files
    A list of glob patterns that matches files which should be considered internal. Internal files cannot be requested directly from a browser, won't show up in directory listings and can never be uploaded, moved or deleted by a browser. They can only be accessed internally, e.g. with the RXML tags <insert> and <use>.
    Mount point
    Where the module will be mounted in the site's virtual file system.
    Forbid access to symlinks
    It set, the file system will not follow symbolic links. This option can lower performace by a lot.
    Filename charset
    The charset of the file names of the files on this file system. Unlike the File contents charset variable, this might not work for all charsets simply because not all browsers support anything other characters than ASCII or ISO-8859-1 in URLs.
    Handle the PUT method
    If set, it will be possible to upload files with the HTTP method PUT, or through FTP.
    Search path
    The directory that contains the files.
    Cache the results of stat(2)
    A performace option that can speed up retrieval of files from NFS with up to 70%. In turn it uses some memory and the file system might not notice that files have changed unless it gets a pragma no-cache request (produced e.g. by Alt-Ctrl-Reload in Netscape) or the module is reloaded. Therefore this option should not be used on file systems that change a lot.
    Show backup files
    If set, files ending with '~', '#' or '.bak' will be shown in directory listings