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  • Pike image generator

    Provides two tags, <gclock> and <pimage>. <gclock> draws animated clocks, while <pimage> draws an image from pike-code. There are several predefined images-constructors to use within pimage: Clock( delay, time_offset, background_image ); Animated clock gif. Progress( callback_function ) Animated progress bar. load( "file_name" ) Loads an image file. PPM( "file_name" ) Loads an image file (compability method). PImage(xs, ys, bg_color ) Create a simple, cleared image Text( "font", "string", fg_color, bg_color ) Draw some text.


    Enable the <pimage> tag
    If set, the <pimage> tag will be available for use. This tag has the same security implications as the <pike> tag. If not set, only the <gclock> tag, which doesn't share these security implication, will be available.