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Globals / Cache

The Globals / Cache tab contains settings for the argument, memory and proxy disk cache. The argument cache is a disk based cache used primarily by the image generating RXML tags. It is long lived since it is very hard to know how long clients will request one of the generated images. There is no automatic system for deleting information from the argument cache, the system administrator will have to do that manually or create a cron job to do it.

The memory cache is used for a number of things in Roxen, for example caching DNS queries, support entries or the cache tag. It is usually a fairly short lived cache, entries living a number of minutes. The Status / Cache status task shows information about how the memory cache is performing. The Maintenance / Flush caches task lets you clear the memory cache as well as the data cache.

The proxy disk cache is used by the HTTP proxy module, to store fetched files on disk. It is a long lived cache with its own garbage collector that removes old files and makes sure the cache stays within a certain size.

Apart from these caches there is also a data cache for frequently used static pages, which is described in the Sites chapter.