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<emit captcha>
<emit cimg>
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<emit js-dynamic-popup>
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<emit source="captcha"></emit>

Provided by module: Tags: Captcha

Prepares a captcha and emits needed parameters.
<emit source='captcha'> <img src='&_.url;' height='&_.image-height;' width='&_.image-width;'/> <form> <input type='text' name='response' /> <input type='hidden' name='secret' value='&_.secret;' /> </form> </emit>

&_.image-height;(provided by Tags: Captcha)

The captcha image's height.

&_.image-width;(provided by Tags: Captcha)

The captcha image's width.

&_.secret;(provided by Tags: Captcha)

Encrypted (hashed) secret that can be sent to clients and should be used together with the captcha response for verification.

&_.url;(provided by Tags: Captcha)

URL to the captcha image.