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Provided by module: Tags: RXML 2 tags

Prints a number as a word.



Print this number.

<number num='4711'/>
four thousand seven hundred and eleven


The language to use.

cat (for catala)
hrv (for croatian)
ces (for czech)
nld (for dutch)
eng (for english)
fin (for finnish)
fra (for french)
deu (for german)
hun (for hungarian)
ita (for italian)
jpn (for japanese)
mri (for maori)
nor (for norwegian)
pol (for polish)
por (for portuguese)
rus (for russian)
srp (for serbian)
slv (for slovenian)
spa (for spanish)
swe (for swedish)

Mitt favoritnummer r <number num='11' language='sv'/>.
Mitt favoritnummer r elva.

Il mio numero preferito  <number num='15' language='it'/>.
Il mio numero preferito quindici.

type="{number, ordered, roman, memory}"(number)

Sets output format.

It was his <number num='15' type='ordered'/> birthday yesterday.
It was his 15th birthday yesterday.

Only <number num='274589226' type='memory'/> left on the Internet.
Only 261.9 Mb left on the Internet.

Spock Garfield <number num='17' type='roman'/> rests here.
Spock Garfield XVII rests here.