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<emit source="xml-db"></emit>

Provided by module: Tags: XML-DB Mirror

Get or search for records in the mirrored database.

The returned records will contain all known fields as well as a special _id field with the record ID.



Name of XML-DB database to use. This corresponds to the name attribute of the top-level <database> element in the imported XML file.

Must be combined with either the id or the search attribute.


Fetches a given record using it's ID.


Performs a string search in all fields and records. The standard behavior is to require exact matches (disregarding case sensitivity).

When combined with the search-fields attribute the query can be limited to a subset of record fields.

You can also combine with the wildcards flag to indicate that searches should match substrings and allow * and ? as wildcards.


A comma-separated list of field names which should be searched. If omitted all fields are searched.

wildcards="{yes, no}"

When enabled the search will match substrings and allow for * and ? wildcards.