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<if recaptcha-verify></if>

Provided by module: Tags: Google reCAPTCHA

Verifies a reCAPTCHA response against Google's verification service.

<if recaptcha-verify='&form.g-recaptcha-response;' site-key='...'> <!-- Handle form --> </if> <else> You'r a Bot! </else>

Either the site-key or secret attribute is required.



The response code your form gets populated with when someone does a reCAPTCHA.


The secret key given on your reCAPTCHA settings page on Google.


In the module settings you can set up site key/secret pairs. If so you don't have to have your secret laying around in your RXML code, but instead give the site key here and the secret will be resolved within the module.

If named key pairs are configured this could also be the arbitrary name of a named reCAPTCHA configuration.